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Wiki article on this topic: A dipstick is one of several measurement devices.

Some dipsticks are dipped into a liquid to perform a chemical test or to provide a measure of quantity of the liquid.

Since the late 20th century, a flatness/levelness measuring device trademarked "Dipstick" has been used to produce concrete and pavement surface profiles and to help establish profile measurement standards in the concrete floor and paving industries.

A testing dipstick is usually made of paper or cardboard and is impregnated with reagents that indicate some feature of the liquid by changing color. In medicine, dipsticks can be used to test for a variety of liquids for the presence of a given substance, known as an analyte. For example, urine dipsticks are used to test urine samples for haemoglobin, nitrite , protein, nitrocellulose, glucose and occasionally urobilinogen or ketones.

They are usually brightly coloured, and extremely rough to touch.

Dipsticks can also be used to measure the quantity of liquid in an otherwise inaccessible space, by inserting and removing the stick and then checking the extent of it covered by the liquid. The most familiar example is the oil level dipstick found on most internal combustion engines.

Other kinds of dipsticks are used to measure everything from fuel levels to the amount of beer left in an ale cask.

"Dipstick" is the trade name of a profiling device manufactured by Face Construction Technologies of Norfolk, Virginia USA. The instrument is used in 66 countries on six continents to measure the flatness and levelness of concrete floor slabs and pavements.

The Dipstick measures concrete floor slab flatness/levelness in terms of Face Floor Profile Numbers , a profile measurement system adopted in 1990 by the American Concrete Institute. F-Number measurement procedures were established by ASTM Standard E1155. The instrument also measures TR-34 Free Movement ; TR-34 Defined Movement ; Gap under Sliding Unleveled Straightedge; Gap under Rolling Straightedge; and DIN 18202.

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